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Beginners - Crack the Basics



In our four week group-class you'll learn the following basics: alphabet & pronunciation - how to build phrases - everything about nouns, adjectives & adverbs - pronouns, demonstratives & interrogatives and conjugation of the most used verbs in the present tense, in the present perfect and in the future.


Some of the specials are "ser/estar", tener, gustar and the reflexive verbs.


Vocabulary will include the everyday & on the road conversational skills.




Intermediate - Perfectly Imperfect



Once you're familiar with the basics, you can get a step further and learn about the different past tenses, the conditional and command forms, and the prepositions.


Some of the more challenging topics in this course are the por and para obstacles and when we use the preterite or the imperfect tense in the past.


We dig a bit deeper into Ecuador vocabulary-wise.


Advanced - Shades of Meaning



The beautiful nuances of the Spanish language will be explored in this advanced course. Learning the subjunctive, periphrasis and idioms will make you talk like a real Spanish speaker.


We use literature and historical texts to discover more of the background of Ecuador and South America.




BEG.1, ... = Beginners Class 1, 2, .... : INT.1, ... = Intermediate Class 1, 2,... / ADV.1, ....= Advanced Class 1, 2,...


Every Month we start a new group class @ all levels

April: in week Apr 3 - 9,2016

May: in week May 1 - 7, 2016

June: in week May 29 - Jun 4, 2016

July: in week Jul 3 - 9, 2016

August: in week: Aug 1 - 6, 2016

September: in week: Sep 4 - 10, 2016


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